We would like to thank Daimler Trucks of North America Cleveland Plant for their constant support of our events honoring Dillon's sacrifice. They have always had our back, giving so much and asking for nothing in return.  They are returning for the Second Annual Dillon's Ride!

We appreciate everyone involved, your dedication has never been doubted or taken for granted.

The reason DTNA has the Ride of Pride fleet

The effects of 9/11 had a true impact on our country. From that tragedy sparked the Ride of Pride program.

The Ride of Pride trucks are rolling memorials to remember all who have served, and always remembering our POW/MIA’s.
The trucks are built at Daimler Trucks North America, Cleveland, North Carolina manufacturing plant.
After the events of 9/11, a group of the plants veterans met at a local VFW hall and had an idea to create a rolling memorial. From that idea the Ride of Pride program began. From the humble beginnings in 2002 with the first truck designed on a napkin, to 2018 where there is a large committee and 4 trucks to design and build, the emphasis is always, How can we honor our Veterans.
We start the process 6-8 months before the official customer handoff over the Memorial Day Weekend. During that time the trucks are designed and built, and event planning is scheduled. This year the trucks will visit over 50 events before being handed off to their owners.
It is truly a passion for many at the Cleveland, NC facility, and we do it with pride to Honor all Who Have Served, Past and Present.
Dillon’s Ride 07/17/2021 09:00 AM 65 Days